This past week my parents came down and I did not cook anything worthy of a health blog post. We went around town and explored the various foods and shops that Minot, ND has to offer. I think that I did more exploring this last weekend than I have the entire 6 months I have been here. Walleye is a popular fish here and my parents wanted to try some. A co-worker of mine let us have some of the walleye her husband had caught so that they could try the real deal and not the frozen fish from the grocery store. We fried the walleye and had a side of mashed potatoes with some fresh chives from the International Peace Garden’s herb garden, fresh sautéed green beans, and apple kuchen from the grocery store for dessert. Kuchen is a type of pastry that is cakey and custardy. I will have to attempt to make some and share that experience with you some time!

Two hours north of Minot is the US/Canada border. We drove there to visit the International Peace Gardens where the peace and friendship between Canada and the United States has been celebrated for more than 85 years. While we were there they were working hard on plowing and planting the soon to be beautiful flower beds. Even though the garden was not in full bloom yet, it was still beautiful. There was a nice walking path that had a path on the US side and a path on the Canadian side. There was a nice cactus garden that featured cactus and succulents sectioned by regions including a tropical section, African section, North American section, and South American section. A unique bell tower was on the Canada side that chimed every 15 minutes and on the US side there was a 911 memorial. Laying on the US/Canada divide was a peaceful chapel that’s walls were lined with quotes from various individuals about peace. This was a very unique place and I will definitely be going back again later this summer to explore the place while in full bloom!

I do not have a recipe for you today, but there will be one coming later this week! If you ever have the opportunity to make it to North Dakota, I highly recommend that you do some exploring. There is so much history and heritage in this state! In Minot there is a Scandinavian Heritage Center that has a replica of the Stave Church from Gol, Norway and a 25 foot tall Swedish Dala Horse. I did not take a picture of the Dala Horse on this trip, but I do have a picture of it when I visited in January. Enjoy the snowy picture! Here’s a Lil’ Slice of North Dakota!