Thanksgiving is a time of year for giving thanks, spending time with loved ones, and, of course, enjoying wonderful food. Every year my entire family gets together and we each bring our “designated dish”. One of my uncles brings the turkey and/or ham, my aunt brings a cheesy potato casserole and yummy pumpkin rolls, my grandma provides the dressing, my mom brings the green bean casserole, and my dad makes homemade rolls. There are many other family members who bring a dish and we usually have enough food to feed an entire army! After our feasting several of us will either go out and play a friendly game of football, while others go out in a walk around the neighborhood. We like to do something active afterwards because most of us are full of energy, however, we do eventually crash hard from the high carbohydrate intake from the potatoes, rolls, dressing, and the desserts.

With all of the food available it’s very easy to overdo it so here are a few tips on staying comfortable rather than uncomfortable on this special day.

  • Create a balanced plate. Make sure to include a variety of foods on your plate, including those tasty, non-starchy veggies like the roasted carrots or even a salad.
  • Don’t skip meals leading up to the big feast. You’re not doing yourself any favors by saving calories from skipping meals leading up to the big one. This will likely result in eating more than you would otherwise.
  • Eat slowly and savor your meal, after all thanksgiving only comes around once a year. Rather than sitting down and scarfing down your meal, eat more slowly by interacting with friends and family during the meal.
  • Don’t drink your calories. Opt for a diet drink or a smaller amount of a sugary drink. If alcohol is present, drink in moderation. One glass for women and two for men a day is recommended.
  • Listen to your body fullness cues. You know when you’re full. Listen to your body and stop eating before you become overfull and uncomfortable.
  • Stay active! Plan a family walk or play yard ball after the feast. Offering to help with clean up is another great option for staying active.

Have a happy thanksgiving everyone!!