Last weekend I was at my grandparents house for Mother’s Day weekend and I made some chocolate chip cookies that had pecans in them.  My aunt made the comment on how she could have another cookie because it had nuts in it so it was healthy right?  She was joking of course because she knew that it wasn’t healthy for her at all, but we make these type of comments all the time.  I call it “justifying our junk food.”  You want ice cream? It’s good for me because it has calcium in it.  Those no bake cookies have oats and peanut butter in them so they have to be good for me too.  We all know that what we’re saying is not true when it comes to comments like that, but we make them so that we can feel better about eating that bowl of ice cream or that third or fourth cookie.

So can we really justify our junk food?  Maybe not.  I know I stress this point time and time again, but I feel like it is a point that everyone needs to hear repeatedly before it finally clicks.  Everything in moderation.  This way we can really enjoy our food and not have to make up some excuse to eat more of a not so healthy food item.  I know that it is hard to eat certain foods in moderation, but when we don’t we often feel guilty about what we eat later.

I hope that all of you had a wonderful Mother’s Day last weekend, and I hope that everyone has a great rest of the week! 🙂