Everyone’s talking about green tea and how it has all of these incredible health benefits.  When you look up the health benefits of drinking green tea they range from reducing cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure to aiding in weight loss.  So it has to be a good thing right?  I like to believe it is, and that’s why I drink it every morning with my breakfast.  It has caffeine in it too so it gives me a nice extra boost in the morning to jump start my day.

I love green tea, but that wasn’t always the case.  When I very first tried green tea I couldn’t take more than one sip, but after hearing how it’s full of antioxidants and helps boost the metabolism, I was determined to like the stuff.

I started out by finding a bottled brand that I could drink without cringing.  After some time drinking green tea from a bottle, I decided it was time to suck it up and try out the natural stuff again.  I chose to do this for many reasons.  One of those reasons was that tea bags don’t have all of the chemicals that are found in the bottled teas.  Also, the bottled brands are full of sugar, sodium, and empty calories.  Most bottled green teas have about 120 calories per serving with 32 grams of sugar and 95 milligrams of sodium.  If you get the diet green tea it will typically have no calories or sugar but about 105 milligrams of sodium.  Tea bags have no calories, no sugar, and maybe 5-20 milligrams of sodium.

Choosing a bagged green tea brand was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be.  The shelf contained about 20+ different types of green tea.  Do you want green tea with pomegranate?  How about citrus?  Mixed berry?  Plain?  The list goes on.  After about 20-30 minutes of standing in the middle of the aisle, I decided on getting the plain green tea and add my own flavors to it.  One of my favorite ways to drink green tea is with lemon.  Most of the time I squeeze some lemon juice in it, but sometimes I like to mix it with lemonade.  Here is a recipe for making an Arnold Palmer with green tea instead of regular tea.  For those of you who don’t know, an Arnold Palmer is a beverage that is half tea and half lemonade.  This is a great way to drink green tea and it’s very refreshing.

Arnold Palmer (Green Tea Variation): Makes 32oz


8oz water

2 green tea bags

1 Crystal Light Lemonade Packet the makes 16oz

1 cup of ice cubes


1.) Prepare green tea according to package directions

2.) While green tea is steeping, prepare Crystal Light Lemonade according to package directions

3.) Stir ice cubes into green tea until ice cubes have melted completely

4.) Pour green tea and lemonade into a quart pitcher, stir and enjoy!